Wear or Not Wear.. Thats the ???

We all have a stylish friend or idol that might be more courageous wearing specific trends, but why, why, as women, do we look to the approval of others to co-sign our fashion or beauty choices. I think after debating years with my acquaintances and clients uncovered it all comes down to confidence. Remember when you aced that test after studying, or the time you learned to ride your bike without training wheels. Confidence comes AFTER you have become comfortable, so admitting feeling comfortable is where you should start exploring new looks. Don't just go for what looks good home into what works with your body type if its makeup compliments your skin tone and face shape. My name is Monnica, creator of Shesfabb; I was once a woman in doubt. Since high school, I searched for my it looks; I tried all kinds of hair makeup looks and fashion trends, which led me to create my passion project, which ended up being a flagship business for women near and far. Welcome to my blog. I will share and make my life finding using my own experiences, joining me, and telling a friend.

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